For Students

Are you a student in Marshall County who is about to start looking forward to college? Then this site is for you. We help connect students with scholarships and other funds to help kids from Lewisburg, Cornersville and Chapel Hill to go to college. Check out the Students tab at the top menu for lists of  scholarships and ways to apply for financial help right here in Marshall County. 

For Parents

Are you a parent facing the mountain of student loans to allow your child to go to a good school? MEFTN can help. We offer ways to connect your child to both national and local scholarships right here in Marshall County. Click on the Parents tab to learn more. 

For Teachers

Are you a teacher or guidance counselor at one of our schools here in Marshall County? We can connect you with resources to be able to provide your students with the opportunity to go to a great college. Click on the Teachers tab to learn more.